Happy Anniversary to Rachel and Me!

Happy book anniversary, Rachel and the Mighty Arm that Built Egypt!

I know a lot of people call this the book “birthday”… but it seems to me it was birthed before it was published, soooooo I’m just gonna go with anniversary. It’s hard to believe a year has passed already, yet it feels a looooong time ago that I released Rachel and the Mighty Arm that Built Egypt. Time is weird.

In honor of RATMATBE’s anniversary I’m running a special free promo for the kindle version of the book. If you haven’t read it yet, now is an excellent opportunity to do so at no cost to you. If you want me to make money on the book you can still buy the paperback, read it on Kindle Unlimited (which won’t cost you any extra if you already pay for the service), or wait for the ebook to go back to regular price on Tuesday.


I thought I’d have the sequel and the final book of the trilogy out by now, but neither book is complete. Until I’ve kept you waiting as long as you’ve waited for George R. R. Martin I don’t wanna hear you complain. (Okay, you can complain a little.) Lots of life has happened in the last year to slow me down, distract me, and sometimes discourage me. But that’s okay. Slow doesn’t mean never. Distracted doesn’t mean forgotten. Discouraged doesn’t mean given up completely. Because I still personally love the story—and after an entire year the reviews are all good from readers—of course Rachel’s story is still going to be finished.

I’ve been working on other (unfinished) projects, though.

These projects include a couple of non-fiction holiday books (ways to make every day special and add a little more fun to any and all holidays) and a few middle grade books that lean towards fantasy. If I can get all of my “in the works” projects completed I’ll have quite the catalog of work! I’m hoping to find my way back to a steadier writing schedule soon, which leads to more consistent output. Wish me luck and bear with me as it takes me time to complete everything!

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